Gastronomic Delight from the Seas

The Tiger Prawn (Penaeus Monodon), a regal crustacean, graces the waters of the Indo-Pacific region, enchanting seafood enthusiasts with its exquisite flavor and versatile culinary appeal.

Texture and Taste

Texture and Taste

Fully Integrated Facilities

100% tracible from farm to plate. Proximity to shrimp ponds are no more than 30 minutes journey. Shrimp is harvested live for delivery to plant. Shrimp is farmed in seawater ponds with high salinity


Partner Hatchery provides farmers for stocking.


Shrimp is sourced from farms that uses Evergreen Shrimp Feed, which in turns uses sustainable raw material that meet shrimp nutritional requirements. Shrimp meat is firm and tasty.

Shrimp Farm

Pool of shrimp farmers with over 100 ponds. Pond area average around 0.5 to 0.8ha. Mainly seawater ponds with salinity between 28-30ppt. Stocking densities for Black Tiger is 25-35 pcs/m². No Antibiotics or growth hormones added. Malaysia weather allows year round farming ensuring sustainable raw material for processing plant。

Shrimp Processing

Covering an area of 8000 m² and daily capacity of 6 mt. The plant is HACCP and Halal certified.

Cold-chain Warehouse

With 800MT storage capacity.

Farming Method:
100% Seawater Onshore Farming in Penang, Malaysia

Product Range

Ready To Cook

Take the number of pieces needed and defrost under running water.

Prepare to your favorite recipe and enjoy the sweetness of a fresh juicy prawn. Convenience at your finger tips.

Ready To Eat

Yes all you have to do is defrost it! No need to heat up! just peeled and enjoy the sweetness of a fresh juicy prawn! It’s that




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